It is a complementary modality which helps patient to regain mobility and to rehabilitate as early as possible. , physiotherapy works to prevent loss of mobility before it occurs in case of choric problems.

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Neck pain :

Neck pain a common problem even among young people who work with computers, laptops in wrong postures, physiotherapy helps to curb the pain and dizziness

Back pain:

Working with computers, a sedentary lifestyle, and long travel to work creates back pain; physiotherapy helps to handle it correctly

Post trauma injury:

Had a fall or an injury? Twist or sprain due to sports activity? Physiotherapy is your best friend to remove your pain

Post operative care:

Physiotherapy done after surgery to improve lung capacity, mobility and to relive pain due to muscular spasm and it helps you to get back to your feet faster


Post stroke physiotherapy is a treatment of value because it brings back muscular tone and mobility
Our physiotherapist in the comfort of your home gives quality service with compassion and can be done depending on the patients need.